Cine-Television Project Development

Through a deep and specific analysis of the project with its owner, our main goal is to find the best cast for it, including a comprehensive and detailed presentation of the candidate. We perfectly know the importance of details, and we truly believe in the added value of minor roles, that’s how we create a cast who is not only professional but also artistically balanced.

Companies Development 

One of our priority is the agencies development. With our staff, we have created a field who works for commercial placement of agencies in cine-television projects, taking care of the promotion and the marketing in all media and social media. We also work with testimonials for different kind of events and advertising campaigns, web included.

Artists Development 

We aim to prepare artists, giving them the opportunity to create a direct, assisted and professional self-tape. We also offer the chance to improve their skills on acting, supervised by Franco Alberto Cucchini, Casting Director.