Franco Alberto Cucchini


I was born in a family who lived in the show business, my father was a producer and my mother, DONATELLA MAURO, was an actress and eventually she became the holder of one of the most prestigious managmement agency in Italy, with its headquarted in Milan and Barcelona.

After having experienced more than 10 years in her agency, i decided to follow my instinct and my hunger for adventures and i became a Casting director for my own office. 

After 3-4 years of growing and improving, i started receving requests both from cinema and tv-series, working in italy and abroud for many directors,

After a while I concentrated my job on commercials expecially from abroad.

Great satisfactions, i had so many requests for years and years, meanwhile I changed lots of different business partners  

Today, I work always following three or four projects at a time, and always chosing the most interesting and stimulated works.

the Work


The actor is someone who’s able to understand and  transform the expectations of a project, communicating a unique and concrete message. 

With our hunger of talents we always look for new proposals, putting them in our database, ready to call them whenever we need them. 

We base our reserches on the drammaturgic and communicative side of actors, without leaving aside the somatic feauters.

  1. STEP. Project analysis ( communictive nucleus detection) 
  2. STEP Empowerment of the subjects to the casting, with an accurate preventive and detailed information, and a total availability for any question. 
  3. We don’t like the mistification or the perfect performance of the actor during the cast, we believe that those who are going to choose the actors must have a clear idea of the person in front of them., that’s why we just explain the scene and we give small corrections.

Research and developpment

We work everyday to give birth to innovative projects in cinema, television and web.